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My partner lives in Europe and I want to move to be with her. I have 3 kids, they are teenagers and one will soon be emancipated. I want now to move to Europe, but what is the situation regarding child support. I pay and I want to continue to pay but I will be on less money than my current job. How can I do this legally.

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This situation is more complex than a traditional request for child support modification case. I strongly suggest that you retain an attorney to assist you.

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If you are asking whether you can move, yes you can. Will your child support be reduced due to your move - it may or may not. More information would be needed to give you a more detailed answer. You should consult with an experienced attorney. This is not an easy question to answer online.

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Your child support obligation will not change because you choose to move to Europe. If you voluntarily take a job that pays less, the court may order that your child support obligation continue without a decrease.