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Leaving the Scene of Property Damage (driving) in Massachusetts, what are the penalties for the latter?

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I understand you can plea for a first time offense for a DUI a CWOF, but am concerned about the Leaving the Scene of Property Damage (hit a hydrant, damage to fender of car, & witnessed by a driver who called the police). The driver that sideswiped the hydrant thought they had just run over the median hard, and didn't realize they had hit something until a few blocks away. When they found a place where they could safely pull over (car was damaged and tire blown) about a mile away, the driver who had witnessed it had already called the police and when the "suspect" had pulled over in a safe place to inspect the vehicle, the police where there within a minute, so the driver never had time to call the police to report it. Basically, what are the penalties for the Leaving the Scene Property D

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MGL c. 90, s. 24 seems to state this penalty:

shall be punished by a fine of not less than twenty dollars nor more than two hundred dollars or by imprisonment for not less than two weeks nor more than two years, or both;

However, the statute is changing on 7/1.

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What is it changing to on 7/1? So as of now is it EITHER/OR or BOTH the fine and jail sentence. The incident occurred in the early morning of 6/21 and appeared in court at 8:30 that morning (don't know if that is called "arraingment"?) but was told to come back on 7/19 to the Primary Court Session (pretrial I suppose). Trial to be avoided, just plea the CWOF for the DUI but am curious of the Leaving the Scene charge and am worried sick if the latter is an automatic jail sentence with a guilt plea (am assuming the CWOF is only an option for the DUI)


Usually would be run concurrent with the OUI plea. What ever restitution is owed is typically put on this count. The OUI is more serious

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There may be a way to fight the charge if the driver did not intend to escape prosecution. Talk to the attorney asap or retain one if there isn't one involved.

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I agree with attorney Langer, I would just add that it is possible to mitigate the consequences of the Leaving the Scene charge. Contact and retain an attorney.

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