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Leaves a pregnant woman can take if company offers it.

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I found out I'm ineligible for flam or franc . However they offer quite a few leaves , Sabbatical between 1 - 5 years , straight medical leave , 30 day personal leave and pl of 17 weeks . I'm curious if I can pick which leave or does my employer pick my leave for ? if not is it legal for me to take a 1 year sabbatical instead of 17 weeks pl since my company offers it And if they deny me sabbatical leave and state I can only take pl .

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More facts are needed to analyze your situation. If you have worked for your employer for at least one year and the employer has at least 50 employees in a 75 mile radius, you may be eligible for 3 months unpaid leave under FMLA which requires your employer to return you to the same or similar position. In addition, if you experience disabling conditions due to your pregnancy, you may be eligible for up to 4 months additional leave under the CA Pregnancy Disability Leave Law. If you take leave under either law, the company can require that you use earned and unused vacation/sick leave. You can work with your employer to "pick" the leave that is appropriate for you. If you believe that the company is violating your rights with regard to leave, contact an employment law attorney to discuss. 949-481-6909.

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