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Lawyer told me to not go to another dr app until he finds out what coverage the other person has i;m hurt and the surgen knows

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it's been 8 months and the attorney wanted me to find out if i need surgery well the surgeon said to get needles in arm to find the nerve damage and i told the attorney and he told me not to until he found out what coverage he has he had my case for 8 months and my insurance said the guy was at 100% at fault an so did his insurance and i need my body fixed instead of popping pills to sleep and in pain all day long he said you dont need awhole bunch of medical bills to me i wont the guy that did this to me will help please

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If you have medical insurance to cover the treatment, you should move forward with your treatment. If your attorney has not been able to find out what insurance coverage is available to the negligent third party, then a lawsuit should be filed and discovery sent out to determine the policy limits. You should also look to see what underinsured motorist coverage is available to you under your own policy.
If your attorney is not handling your case properly, you have the right to change attorneys at any time.
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You should concentrate on making yourself better. Your attoreny is trying to take the route that he believes is most prudent. If you do not believe that it is in your best interests, then get the medical work done that you need.

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I think Mr. Kuhn's response is excellent and well reasoned. It sounds like your attorney is worried that the at-fault driver may have limited insurance, and does not want you running up large medical bills, and possibly get stuck with them. With that in mind, do you have medical pay coverage on your auto policy, do you have Medi-Cal, CMSP, or Medicare, or do you have private health insurance? These can all be used to obtain medical care, regardless of the at fault drivers insurance limits.

It is also possible that your attorney means well, but is being lazy, over worked, or not aggressive enough. I am not saying that, I am just saying it is possible.

I always advise you have a face to face meeting with the attorney, and respectfully but forcefully demand a status and plan of action for the case.

Adam Sorrells
Chico Injury Attorney

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