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Lawyer responsible for lien? UPDATED

Pebble Beach, CA |

This is an update I was in a car accident , i received medical services on lien . My lawyer was in charge of dispersing the money to the doctors and therapists after the settlement was reached . I received a message from a creditor saying that I'm being sued by one of the doctors for unpaid services PLUS interest . I'm in college , i can't afford an extra 6400 dollars . is there something that can be done ? Additional Info : 1 . I was referred to the doctor who is suing my by my attorney . 2 . when i received a breakdown of the settlement , it said that DR . * * * * * had been paid . 3 . this has been dragging on for almost 9 months , my attorney claims they paid the lien , but fail to provide proof to me or my creditors . 4 . the debt is now on my credit . 5 . still getting runaround attorney's office !

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Send the lawyer a certified letter requesting proof that this bill was paid and a copy of the canceled check. Give them a deadline to reply with the documents, if they ignore, consider getting assistance from your state bar associatio


Yes, call the state bar and have them call the attorney. They will get the proof you need, if it exists. If it doesn't exist, you will owe the bill ultimately. You can either pay it and file a small claims action against the attorney to get your money back or let the collections agency sue you and file a cross-complaint for indemnity against the attorney.

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