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Lawyer lying to client and more?

Catskill, NY |

I have a friend who is an attorney. We often speak about his job and stuff while having lunch. A few days he shared that he sometimes lie to his client about evidence in the case and things that he has done. I asked him if he could get in trouble and he replied back with no.He then stated that he can only get in trouble if his lies causes harm to the client. Would this be true?

Also he stated that he has force clients to do certain actions by misrepresenting laws and legal proceedings. Are lawyer really allow to do such? I felt very sick when he told me. And to think that he is actually charging these clients big bucks for this. I don't know how people sleep at nights.

Would there be a name to what he is doing (for example: would this be fraud)?

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The lawyer can get in trouble with the Ethics Committee and be subject to disciplinary action.

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One of the hardest things about being a lawyer is navigating through ethical issues that can get pretty murky sometimes. It seems that your friend the lawyer has not done so well with that, and now has a guilty conscience. Lawyers who get themselves into ethical binds often have other issues - mental health, substance abuse, gambling. If this describes him, he ought to get help before he hurts his clients and wrecks his own career. The Bar Association has a Lawyers' Assitance Program. Maybe you should ask him if he has looked into that.

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I agree with my colleagues. This may be a case for the state's Bar Counsel. My home state also has a program called "Lawyers helping Lawyers."