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Laws on changing your name when you become a US citizen?

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I am a filipino eligible to apply for my citizenship this year, 2 of my female friends were recently approved and got certification, now the problem is, the immigration officer insisted that they should retain their middle name when they were single which is their mom's maiden name. But in the Philippines it is customary that when you get married your father's last name becomes your middle name and acquire your husbands last name..example your single name is Jane Davis Smith when you get married you become Jane Smith Phillips. She already have her SS cards and drivers license and other paperwork in Jane Smith Phillips prior to their citizenship exam but when she was approved for citizenship the immigration officer insisted that she retain Davis as their middle name so it ended up to be Jan

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In order to apply for citizenship with the correct name, the name you use must be your legal name, meaning you cannot just use a name you prefer or want to be called. If you are married, there is no need to get a court order to change your name - the marriage certificate is sufficient to change your legal name. However, marriage does not connote a change in your middle name. I have seen immigration officers okay with name changes like this and others who demand a court order showing a name change occurred. A social security card and drivers license are not legal documents. To be safe, the best thing is to obtain a court order from the county court in your local jurisdiction indicating that you have changed your name. You can likely obtain this information online or call the county clerk's office for more information.