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Laws,Codes, or anything in RIVERSIDE COUNTY about social worker report given to necessary parties JUVENILE

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In Juvenile Dependency Court in RIVERSIDE COUNTY does the Social Worker Report (CPS) that is given to all necessary parties/individuals/ involved in case before court have to be written the same word for word/identical/completely correspond with one another if parents have separate attorneys ? Are there any exceptions? If anything such as evidence was not put in report/hidden/not disclosed to certain party (ex parent/defense attorney)how could the defense gather this information? If Parents words were twisted or untrue or never stated statements from phone/personal interview are in the document(s) how can you dispute this? If an earlier declaration from CPS social worker about child cognitive ability does not correspond to a later event occured to be used against parent, anyway to dispute

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A social worker would generally prepare one final report and provide it to the agency or the court. The agency or the court would then distribute copies to the parties entitled to copies. I would not expect that the social worker would prepare different reports for different parties. Depending on circumstances, a social worker might be required to redact a report given to one of the parties.
You should probably consult with a local attorney since your case involves issues specific to you.


Social workers at times can prepare multiple court reports for one hearing. All counsel will receive copies of the court reports and the court reports are not changed depending on the attorney. It is possible that conflicting information in the court reports is due to the fact that multiple reports have been filed for the hearing. The parents have a right to a trial or a contested hearing where they can call witnesses, cross examine the social worker, present evidence in regards to whether their words were twisted, or whether favorable evidence has been left out of court report. Social worker reports are generally prepared in a manner that support the County and are adverse to the parents. You should consult a lawyer who is experienced in juvenile dependency law.


You have a right to challenge the evidence presented in the report. This is something to specifically discuss with your court appointed dependency attorney. I have never heard of a situation where the parties receive different reports. The judge, when making orders, usually specifically identifies the report or reports which they are relying upon.

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