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Law enforcement officer arrested for battery 242

Los Angeles, CA |

I was arrested for a battery 242 (misdomeaner) by a sibling. The incident was a "shoulder bump" in passing each other (long family fued with this person) I also had her arrested for the same charges. We also each have a temp. restraining order against one another. As I am in law enforcement and military, a restraining order will end both careers for me. Is the D.A. likely to go forward with the case against me?

Had the TRO dismissed today as the judge stated this was a total waste of her time. This hearing was in the same county as the 242 hearing will be, just a different courthouse. Will the courthouse in the 242 charge have access to the TRO hearing's outcome? Will that have any influence on if the D.A. goes forward or not?

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It seems to me much more likely that this case will be brought, if at all, by the City Attorney given the lack of injury in the touching. The city attorney has a process of an informal hearing where they bring you in and see if they can resolve these kinds of cases without going forward.

If they do decide to go forward with this case, then you need to fight it to preserve your job and military career.

Edward J. Blum

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