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Last year my brother quit claimed the house I live in to me. What taxes may be owed by me or my brother.

Melvindale, MI |

No money or other consideration involved. House was in his name, now mine.

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There will probably not be a gift tax consequence. However if the equity transferred t you exceeds $14,000, you brother should file a federal gift tax return even though there will be no tax.

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As Mr. Tupitza indicates, if the value of the home exceeds $14,000, your brother may have to file a federal gift tax return to report the transfer. Unless the home is worth more $5,340,000 there will be no tax , but your brother's lifetime gift tax exclusion amount will be reduced by the value of the home.
Be sure that the deed is properly recorded, notify the assessors office of the transfer (They can provide you with a Property Transfer Affidavit for this notification.), and pay the property taxes as they come due semi-annually.

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There are many parts missing from your question. There could be gift taxes due from your brother, there may be other taxes as well. You need to confer with a competent real estate attorney. John W. Drury

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