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Last year, a friend of mine was being abused by his employer i.e. illegal wage garnishments, unpaid work-related hospital bill.

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After futile attempts to gain govt. intervention, I posted the situation online in various forums. Subsequently, my friend was fired, denied unemployment and both of us were sued for defamation claiming damages exceeding $50,000 + fees. My friend hired an employment atty. and I went pro se. I spent more than 1600 hours learning the law and legal writing.

Ultimately, the documentation and evidence I submitted in discovery turned this case upside down. Today, plaintiffs offered my friend $25,000 to settle this matter. I did not file a counter-suit at the advice of my son (he's not an attorney.) I am offered a mutual release of claims as a settlement. I did all the work. I won this case. Do I have any options? And to the critics on this site: Yes, we're still friends!

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I am not sure what options you are seeking. However, your release would control what legal options remain, and, in most cases, the release is very broad leaving no legal options.

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