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Last number of my USCIS case status keep changing!!!

Rochester, NY |

When I applied concurrently for adjustment os status based on marriage to a US spouse. I received a notification for USCIS that has the receipt numbers for my applications. After couple of weeks I went online to check my cases status and when I change the last digit of my case number I see the updates on my cases. However I do not see any updates using the receipt numbers I received from USCIS at the first time. I am wondering if the updates are related to my cases or to somebody else!!!

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You provide no timeframe. Your quesiton, thus, is hard to answer.

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Don't waste your time getting obsessed with all those minor details that are really irrelevant to the merits of your case. Those number changes you are noticing can simply be due to the National Benefits Center (lock box) where you mailed your AOS applications having already transferred your case to the USCIS district office having jurisdiction over your place of residence and where you and your spouse will have to appear for your interviews. :You could have also been already assigned your "A" ("alien") number which will forever remain with you. Note that your employment authorization card (on the I-765 Form) will generate a totally different "A" number from the one you'll ultimately end up with on your green card.

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Every case is different. If you want to check the status of your case you should only use your own case numbers. After the biometrics appointment it usually takes 2 months to receive the employment card and then the interview notice.


You should only use your number to check the status of your case. The other numbers are not really yours.

This answer is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice.