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Last night i was cited for underage drinking. How do i keep this off my record?

Leland, NC |

State is North Carolina, Violated General Statute 18B-302(B)(3). What should i say to the judge? will this keep me from joining the millitary? I have no priors, not even a traffic ticket.

I am 17, so still considered a minor.

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Your best bet to keep from obtaining a conviction on your record would be to consult with an attorney about your case. They may be able to work with the ADA to put you in a variety of programs that could lead to a dismissal by the State. You could also try to do it on your own by speaking with the ADA in court about any type of deferred prosecution, but be careful as any statements you make to the ADA about your case will likely be used against you if things go south. I would advise consulting an attorney to try to achieve the best possible outcome. Remember that no matter how polite and accommodating an ADA may be to you, their interests will always lie with the State, whereas your own attorney will have your best interests, and only yours, in mind.
Good luck.


North Carolina is one of two states where at age 16 you are treated as an adult for criminal charges. The military will not take you with a pending charge, but do not simply go to court and plead guilty. Your options depend on which county your charge is in. Based on the facts that you presented it sounds as if you will be eligible for either a formal or informal deferred prosecution that will allow you to keep your record clean. Talk to an attorney sooner versus later.

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As Mr. Parrotte has already indicated, you are not a minor at age 17 in NC. You are considered an adult for purposes of our criminal system. That being said, the fact that you have no priors will no doubt help you in keeping your record clean. What you need to know is the military cannot accept you if you are on probation of ANY kind. You must not have anything pending when trying to join. There are several options that may be available to you including some informal agreements that may be utilized. If you received this charge in Brunswick County, give us a call at (910) 508-2200 and we can discuss these options if you wish. No matter what, do not try and handle this alone or you risk your clean record and your ability to get into the military.

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