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Last night I got a DUI, I'm seventeen and blew a .08. This was my 1st and last DUI, what will my consequences be?

Minneapolis, MN |

I live in the state of Minnesota. The officer told me I would have a court date as well, but did not take away my license.

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It will ultimately depend on the strength of your case and which jurisdiction you are in. However, you shouldn't delay in talking to an attorney because you tested at .08 and now only have 30 days to challenge your license revocation, which is separate from your criminal case.


There can be many consequences, some depending upon facts not mentioned in the question. This is one reason it's smart to call a DWI lawyer on the phone to start talking about it. At the least, I would expect an administrative license revocation (which, with your lawyer's help, you must serve and file a court challenge within 30 days or it's too late); and, a DWI-criminal charge(s). Note that these are separate cases. There can be other cases as well, depending upon priors and other factors. Bottom line: call a good DWI lawyer to start, then retain one and get to work on it before it's too late.