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Last Fri. ( 8-23) I got on line looking for Redwing boots and spelled boots, boobs. I got a lot of web pages for boobs and my

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curiosity got the best of me and I opened one of the sites. I was on there for maybe 30 seconds and a page came up that said it was the U.S. Department of Justice. It said they were shutting down my computer and that I had to pay a fine of $300 to get my computer back. I know you should not go to one of these sights but I did not know it was against the law. I'm 68 years old on a fixed income and can't afford this. Is this sound like it is legal?

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That is certainly a scam. The Department of Justice does not act that way and whoever operates that site is preying on the fear of naive internet browsers.

In fact, after a review of different listings on the internet, it appears you may have a virus that is part of the scam on your computer - see

Here is a warning about this scam and virus from the FBI -

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Totally bogus scam. Not real. Do not pay the $.

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scam. your computer was obviously working for you to post this.