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Las Vegas, what minimum-maximum penalties for a non injury hit and run DUI ? Nv.

Las Vegas, NV |

Hit a parked car did significant damage, and drove about a block when neighborhood people yelled at me to stop. Admitted to prescribed medication but blood test will surfely be positive for marijuana.

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You could end up spending some time in the county jail.

You need a local criminal defense attorney to help you navigate these waters.

Good luck.

In no way am I offering you legal advice, and in no way has my comment created an attorney-client relationship. You are not to rely upon my note above in any way, but insted need to sit down with counsel and share all relevant facts before receiving fully-informed legal advice. If you want to be completely sure of your rights, you must sit down with an experienced criminal defense attorney to be fully aware of your rights.



Only asking for a friend! I wasn't involved.


Not a good situation - do not post any additional facts on this or any other public form - it could be used against you. Immediately consult a local criminal law attorney - many offer free initial consultations

This is not intended to be legal advise or as legal representation. I am a California personal injury attorney . Be aware that every state has its own statute of limitations; and statutes & case laws that govern the handling of these matters.



Only asking for a friend, I wasn't involved, but thank you.


You want to stay away from writing facts about your case that could possibly used against you. Locate a local DUI attorney using avvo. Good luck.


Injuries are the key. DUI is generally a misdemeanor unless injuries are caused. Hit and run is the same without injuries.


You need to hire an attorney. It is well worth it.


Depends on which court you are in as to what the minimums are: Minimum penalties on a DUI first offense: DUI School, Victim Impact Panel, could be other class es as well if in LV. Muni (coroner's visitation) varying fine (depending on the court you are in) from $585 in Justice Court to $1100 in North Las Vegas Muni. The more salient question is, are you aware that you may have defenses? Specifically, the McNeely decison is likely to affect Nevada's Implied Consent law. I am running motions to suppress in each of my DUI cases to suppress the blood draw results. You may well benefit from this. Call me if you'd like to discuss it. (702) 471-0321.

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