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Large package delivery company does not allow bathroom breaks. instead has employees urinate in cup in back of truck.

Saint Louis, MO |

on my first day as driver for this company i was told to keep a large cup with me to use to urinate into in the back of the truck, because we do not have time to stop for a bathroom break. I belong to a union, but the union stewards also use a urinating cup too. I have talked to our union officials and they say they do not want to pursue the matter because in the end I would lose and that I should just keep my mouth shut and do as instructed to keep my job. What type of lawyer would I need and what do I need to do to stop this treatment?

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You need an employment and labor attorney to handle this. The union is required to take any grievance you have to the company on your behalf. This practice has a discriminatory impact because of female workers not having the ability to use a restroom.

This requirement could rise to the level of sexual harassment and sex discrimination. Find a local employment attorney to represent you to the union and company.




would there be a monetary value I could recieve from this decision? because if not it is not worth fighting with this company because they are notorious for firing people for any reason and I do not want me bringing up this issue be the reason I get fired. I do not have a college education and they pay us close to a $100k a year. my other concern is for the people we deliver the packages too. As to the fact we are unable to wash our hands after doing our business in the back of the trucks.

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