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Landlords dont want to properly fix issues.

Denver, CO |

I'm currently renting a 5 bedroom home in Denver,CO. Two of the bedrooms are downstairs and the windows are sealed shut. the basement where the bedrooms are located has flooded several times too and has caused water damage. The Landlord doesnt want to properly fix the issue that is causing the problem OR fix the potential mold issue done by the water damage. What are my rights? and whats the best way to get these problems fixed?

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Traditionally, Colorado law has generally been more friendly to landlords than to aggrieved tenants. Our General Assembly enacted the "implied warranty of habitability." However, to be breached, the conditions must be “materially dangerous or hazardous to the tenant’s life, health, or safety." There are time-consuming notice provisions and rules associated with pursuit of statutory remedies. You should consult an experienced landlord-tenant attorney. Your rights also include the right to move out if you have what amounts to a constructive eviction. Good luck.