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Landlord wants to sell the rental property we are leasing. We are current with rent and we are right at 5 months in our lease.

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My husband and I signed a one yr lease on Nov. 1 2009 with (property management). Then on the first week of Dec.we received notice for the landlord that they will no longer use Gorenter to represent them. We need to pay them directly.(LLC). Now, 3-23-10 we received a phone call from the landlord wanting to sell the house and requesting us to sign a month to month contract. We just moved 5 months ago from a LL foreclosing on us. We are not OK with this. We asked the LL to work with us on the deposit and we do not want a month to month or lock box on our rental. The LL wants this doc signed and returned asap. What do we do? What are our rights? How are we going to afford to pay new deposits again? We tried asking for our non-refundable and refundable deposit back or even some $

Landlord not working with us. We are worried since we never saw our $1,500.00 deposit back from our previous rental. The owner just foreclosed and no where to be found. I don't want to go through that again. What are my options?

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Whoever the owner uses as its property manager is irrelevant to you. The owners cannot terminate your lease early except for cause, like failure to pay rent, or you’re committing an illegal activity on the premises. Also, the Owners cannot unilaterally modify your rental contract either - so no month to month.

Notwithstanding a cause for eviction, I would simply tell your landlord that you will not agree to any modification of the rental contract.

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