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Landlord Tenant rental dispute

Hoboken, NJ |

My landlord refused to make repairs so I contacted the management office & owner to discuss the situation, but I was dismissed. I informed the management company that I would not pay any rent increases until the repairs were made. My landlord accepted my rental payments that did not include the 3% annual increases. It took years, but the state eventually forced the landlord to repair the leaks. I then started to pay rent increases after the repairs were made. Now my landlord is subjecting me to 3 rent increases in 1 year which amounts to over $400. I cannot locate a copy of my lease, but my rent was supposed to increase 3% per year (rent stabilized). The landlord refuses to give me a copy of the lease.Can I file a case against my landlord re: the rent increases or do I have to pay?

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If you don't pay rent your Landlord will have to take you to court where he will have to produce the lease as evidence. At that time if the charges are legitimate you will have to pay. If they are not the court will dismiss the complaint. Good luck.