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Landlord tenant laws in PA, tenant's rights against landlord's constant harassment

Catawissa, PA |

My elderly inlaws have moved to PA about 2 months ago. We found them a nice little 1 bedroom apt. This landlord is now constantly harrassing harrassing my inlaws! He is always snooping around their home, told them that the air conditioner was "too big" and they didnt need one with that many btu's???? Now he is telling them to get rid of their dog(which was allowed in the lease) because the "grass is turning yellow" I am at wits end! This man is making their lives miserable and I am afraid he is gonna just walk in one day! Please help!!! thanks ERIC in PA

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This is a difficult situation to handle. Have a lawyer write the landlord a letter, pointing out that he is interfering with their right of quiet enjoyment. State that this constitutes a breach of contract.

If the conduct persists, talk to the lawyer about bringing a harassment complaint before the District Magistrte. Whether you should do this will depend on how intense the landlord becomes.


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