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Landlord-Tenant-Eviction How to use "email" and "text messages" as evidence in eviction

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I have email correspondences and text messages with tenants to prove. What should I do in order to introduce email and text message in eviction litigation?
Can these used in summary judgment proceeding?

These days lot of people use emails and text messages. I'd think there's got to be a case law, AT LEAST, to introduce emails and text messages as evidences. I know you can hire computer specialist to state emails are genuine. Would my sworn statement enough to introduce in summary judgement of eviction case? Thanks

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There are several ways to introduce such evidence. There are also several objections to such evidence. It depends on a variety of factors. Is it an admission against interest? Regularly kept business record? Rather than go over the evidence code, it would be easier for you to contact an attorney and discuss the case with an attorney.

Once you go to court and improperly introduce the evidence, if the judge rules against you, then you will have to start all over again, and your tenants will get another month or two of rent-free living!!

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It is simply email and text messages between me and tenants. They will deny because emails contradicts their argument that they gave notice and we failed to fix. I do not have lawyer. if any lawyer can provide some guidance, I will do research. thanks

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