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Landlord/Tenant Attorney in Tampa Bay area

Brandon, FL |

Can anyone refer me to a landlord/tenant attorney in the Tampa Bay area please? I am the tenant and I have contacted at the very least 20 law offices and either found that although Avvo states that the attorney handles these cases, they don't or the attorney's do not call back at all. Thank you.

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I am in Orlando but I take cases in the Tampa area. You may reach me at

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We would like to help.
The best we can recommend is to call the Florida bar Association or do research by using the Find A Lawyer tab above or ask your friends and family for a referral.

Lawyers are overseen by the Florida Bar Association and we have very strict rules about referrals and liability if we do refer.

We sincerely wish you the best. Sometimes lawyers do not wish to take a case for various reasons. It is professional to call back the prospective client, but sometimes lawyers don't do that for whatever reason. I apologize on behalf of the attorneys who did not call you back.

Good luck!