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Landlord tenant

Stamford, CT |

My tenant is moving out there is eight months left on the lease
The house is in a state of disrepair dirty messy damaged they believe they are fully entitled to their security deposit I think they are entitled to nothing
Am I right

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Probably. Document all the damage, and keep receipts for the repairs and clean up that you have to do to make it rentable again.

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In addition to what attorney Blanchard writes, if the tenat is "breaking the lease", without any agreement on your part, you would likely be allowed to offset rent against the security deposit. Be sure to sned the tenant notice within 30 days of vacating the premises of your intentions concerning the security deposit.


As stated in prior answers:
1 bring a witness to inspect before they move out, take photos. Remember " broom clean is ok"
2. Have tenant and witness sign list of.
4. After tenant returns keys do again
5. Get 3 estimates as to costs of repairs, Pick lowest, pay and send remainder of deposit to tenant' s forwarding address
6. If further damage costs remain or unpaid rent, send demand and prepare to file suit.
Good luck

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