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Landlord moved out leaving lots of garbage and old food behind its atttracting mice rats and other bugs. what can I do?

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I moved in to a house where the landlord lived upstairs and I occupied the bottom floor. When he moved out I took over the whole house. When he left he left behind tons of stuff. The master bedroom it full to the brim with old furnature, half the living room is pilled to the cealing with stuff(mostly garbage), one bedroom is filled with his stuff and old rotting food. The side yard is pilled so high with stuff it is peeking over the fence, and the garage is top to bottom filled with old stuff. There is a bee hive out back that I cant even get an exterminater to. due to the pilles. It brings rats , mice, spiders,bees, ants, racoons,possoms, and other bugs and vermen. he hasnt lived here in months and it is rotting, watter logged, stinking and very dangerous. what can I do about it?

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Sounds like you agreed to live with a hoarder! Luckily there are a few things you can do including, but not limited to, calling the city and reporting the code violations. Often times, code enforcement can get hoarders to clean up a property.

Good luck!

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calling the city has not worked. he just built sheds to put it in. They are now overflowing it there any way I can remove the stuff my self because he moved out months ago?

Thomas Anthony Schaeffer

Thomas Anthony Schaeffer


I can't tell you to remove someone else's property. I recommend being persistent calling code enforcement. Try the fire department and tell them the situation..