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Landlord lost my money order rent and now wants to evict me if i dont pay her $600 again, but the MO was cashed by an unknown.

Mesa, AZ |

apparently a 3rd party got a hold of a MO I had already placed inside the office through a night deposit window and cashed it. I don't know how that person got a hold of it but the landlord wants to evict me if I don't pay them another $600 according to them I have no proof I really dropped the rent MO off at the office.

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That's why I don't personally use money orders. You will have to somehow prove that you delivered the money order to the landlord. (I believe that placing in the depository designated by the landlord for receipt of rent checks should qualify.) Then, the risk went to him. Your two hurdles: proving that you put the check in the box (was anyone with you) and getting by the bias of all Justice Court judges against landlords. Without a lawyer, I don't think you have much chance of winning. With a lawyer, you have some.

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