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Landlord is losing house due to foreclosure. What are my rights?

Rowlett, TX |

Not even 2 weeks after we moved in (Sept 1, 2009) letters started coming to this house from a law firm saying this house was being foreclosed. Our landlord briefly mentioned it to us, however, didn't really say anything until this last week. He said he heard something about Nov 3 (sale date). The house is not on the county foreclosure list, but a lot of letters are being sent here from other attorneys offices. I called one and they said they got his name and address from the county foreclosure list. So, I guess there are two lists.

What are my rights? He knew about it before we moved in. I read something about filing criminal charges against him if he dosn't pay deposit back(some new law), but don't know.
If i don't pay in Nov can he evict/keep deposit even going into foreclosure?

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Technically, your landlord could cure the default on the mortgage and the foreclosure would not occur. As such, if you fail to pay the rent the landlord could evict you. If the property is actually foreclosed you will want to hire an attorney who is familar with both foreclosure and eviction laws. There are remedies available to you, but you must assert them. Good luck!

Zac Copp
The Copp Law Firm, PC

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