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Landlord in mail box. Is this invasion of "privacy" and "tampering"?

Fort Wayne, IN |

Mail box is part of our condos, so all in one area and each condo owner has a key for their box. Landlord is stopping by unannounced and going thru mail box. I *believe* he is only taking mail with his name on it but I have no way of knowing. Regardless though, I have personal stuff that arrives; medical related information, business information, etc and I don't want anyone seeing it. What is weirdest is that, the first 13 months of lease I would give LL his mail when he came to get rent and there was no problem. THEN, Sept 1st 2013 he flew off the handle via text because he said his license plate renewal SHOULD have been there. It wasnt. He said I need to text immediately when it arrives. It did not. Well on Sept 20th LL flips out again, this time he said there should be a "VERY

IMPORTANT LETTER", again, this did not arrive either. The way I see it, if these things were actually as important as LL is saying, he would change his mailing address. Anyway, Sept 27th I am in my truck, exiting condos and I see LL at mail boxes in his vehicle. Land lord lives 20 minutes away now so this was weird. The same occured again Sept 30, Oct 4th, 6th and this morning. I didn't know LL kept a key based on the first 13 months of him getting the mail from me. I'm feeling like my privacy has been taken away.

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Messing with someone else's mail, even putting something in their mailbox or taking it out is a federal offense. Go to your local post office and speak to the postmaster. If that does not help, then get a local attorney to send this guy a letter.

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