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Landlord has not return deposit after claim dispute

Orlando, FL |

Many issues after moving in unit. Lease expired, gave proper notice, new management a month before move out. I requested move out walk through, management refused. Management sent a certify letter within the 30 days for minor claims such as cleaning dishwasher. I reply back certify letter, I never used dishwasher, is old and was given dirty at move in, and the many other issues in unit. Management sent certify letter stating she reviewed my records and she does not see any type of issues with my apartment or any phone calls on records. I then called to explained what she wrote is incorrect, I have pictures and yellow slip of repair and damage before and after my move in as well as it mentions plenty damages in move in report, call was ended. 30 days pass of dispute no deposit or any letter

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Although you do not need an attorney to bring a small claims action it is prudent to use an experienced landlord-tenant attorney if you can get such representation on a contingency basis. The attorney has a much better chance of winning the case and the Florida Landlord Tenant Act provides for attorney's fees. I practice in the Orlando area and am willing to provide a free consultation.

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Sounds like a job for Judge Judy!
I don't know Florida landlord tenant law, but I'd be surprised if the landlord gets to keep your deposit on the facts described... get yourself a good landlord/tenant lawyer and see if there aren't additional damages for wrongful withholding of a security deposit...


File suit against your landlord in small claims court for the return of your deposit. You can get the forms from the clerk of the County Court in your county. You do not need a lawyer to file this suit.

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