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Landlord failing to comply with lease agreement and housing regulations.

Cary, NC |

I have been in this apartment for less than a month and it is in need of repairs. We gave the landlord prior notice of 14 days of moving in (i.e. holding fee). Keep in mind I have a 2 year old. These are some of the problems:

- small gas leak from stove, they claimed to not smell it, but gas company said it was significant
- closet door is 3" too short for doorway
- gutter outside our apartment floods our patio and has flooded apartment entryway
- mold growing in another closet
- roaches/bugs infesting apartment
- broken glass/litter/cigarette butts in common areas
- painted over dust bunnies, bugs, and q-tips on walls
- common areas not maintained (pool filter caps not in place)
- 2" screws protruding from a/c unit block
- insufficient beams supporting upper deck

They also painted over the dust bunnies IN and ON the vents. They have not responded to any noise complaints from other tenants, and never cleaned the glass from the neighbor who's ex-girlfriend put her fist through his window. The glass was left on the stairs leading to another apartment. The roach infestation is worse in other apartments even though they "exterminate" once a week. We have given them written notice of this as of 24 hours after moving in, which was almost 4 weeks ago. The office staff laughs and scoffs at our complaints. The "construction" crew working above us hit a water pipe, which lead to water bubbles in our paint - the maintenance crew popped the bubbles and said they would return to paint the area (3 weeks ago).

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This sounds like a terrible situation. If possible, you should have an attorney review your lease to see if it contains provisions to terminate the lease. Follow the steps that the lease states and get out. Whatever you do, you should put everything writing, any conversations you had with someone should be follow up with a letter confirming what you said. You should document the problems with photographs or video.

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