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Landlord / Tenant Question

Las Vegas, NV |

What rights do I have on a month to month tenancy. The landlord wants the house back I have rented for over three years. I am paying rent monthly, Do I have any rights to stay. He hasn't filed any demands yet. Just verbally tells me he wants me to move out asap. I have a family of four and pets. Does he have a right to do this? Do I need to file a legal form and give it to him? Not sure how to handle this.

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Attorney answers 2


This is the nature of month to month. You have no more "right" to stay than he has to force you to stay.


Based on the facts provided, you do not have any rights to stay indefinitely. However, the landlord must properly evict you. From the facts, you are month-to-month and pay month to month. Therefore, the landlord must first serve you a 30-day "no cause" notice. If you do not move out within the 30 days, the landlord must serve you a 5-day unlawful detainer notice. If you do not move within the 5-day, the landlord files a complaint and within a very short period of time (2-3) days, the constable will lock you out. There may be ways to extend this time line. You may want to contact an attorney who specializes in landlord/tenant law.