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Land survey pricing

Chicago, IL |

I'm buing a foreclosure and need to get a land survey of a single family property in Chicago. It's a regular Chicago lot 25x130.
How much does a survey normally cost in Chicago?
Can I obtain a copy of the previous survey?
Thank you!

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... a few hundred dollars.

And, the old survey likely will not satisfy your needs on a foreclosure.


A simple plat of survey will cost you between $250-$400. The old survey, if you can find one, will only show the encroachments at the time the survey. That means if a fence, new sidewalk, porch, addition, garage, etc. was built since the old survey was done, you may not know if you have an issue. Also, most lenders will not accept a survey that is greater than 6 months old.


The survey should cost between $200 and $250. If you are quoted more than that for a single family lot, then you are paying too much.

The only way to get an earlier survey is to talk to a prior purchaser of that property as surveys are not part of a public record.

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