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Land lord is not fixing things that dont work in my house apt.

Eau Claire, WI |

Land Lord says it is written in the contract "as is" . The outlets dont work, cant get the heat on. Kitchen sink leaks, bathroom tub keeps clogging and backing up. Won't insulate or allow plastic on the windows. I call and have writen him letters and nothing is done. What rights do I have.

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Landlords have an obligation to maintain the covenant of habitability. They are not allowed to disclaim this obligation. Arguably, the landlord is violating this covenant by failing to take corrective action for the issues you mentioned. You should document all of your requests to the landlord in writing and perhaps make a complaint to the city or county health department. You may want to investigate the "repair and deduct" remedy as well which allows you to repair the deficiencies yourself and to deduct the cost of repairs from your rent. However, there are some limitations in utilizing this remedy and you should contact an attorney to provide you with legal counsel.

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