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Lakewood Colorado, I received a ticket for shoplifting at Kohl's.

Denver, CO |

I was with someone that was shoplifting. We walked out together I was driving. I did not take anything and now I have received a letter demand I pay 225.00 in a civil claim within 21 days. I have not been to court and when I do I'm plan to get it dismissed. If I get it dismissed do they have a claim on me? And if its not dismissed do I have to pay it? The letter is from a Law offices in Greenvale, NY. a MICHAEL IRA ASEN, P. C.

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No you have right to contest this if you feel that you are wrongly accused of the theft.


You can probably ignore the civil demand, certainly pending the outcome of the theft case. While it is good that you "plan to get it dismissed," you might want to be represented by an attorney. What if you were driving a car and your friend wanted you to stop by the bank real quick so he could get some money and then you go to lunch, only you see on the news that without your knowledge at the time, your friend robbed that bank while he was in there, and shot and killed someone during the robbery. Think you could get that dismissed? Try felony murder.

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