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Labor Law,Alabama, can I be fired due to injury outside of work when I was allowed to come back to work with my limited ability?

Birmingham, AL |

I have been working at a company in Alabama for over a year when I was in an automobile accident which limited my abilities at work. I was allowed back to work even though I had a limited work ability per specialists recommendation. Months later I was offered a store manager position within the same company in Alabama. Now many months later I feel that my job is being threatened due to my limited work ability. What do I do? you are saying that I can be fired due to injuries..I thought that was against the law. I am a manager and on salary which is my contract. I understand that Alabama is an at will state but I also thought that was against the law to fire someone because they had injuries.....

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Absent an employment contract or collective bargaining agreement, you are an employee-at-will which means your employer can terminate you at any time without giving a reason.

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