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L2 I94 Extension based on L1B I94 date

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My L1B Visa Expiry date is 4th June, But my I-94 is valid till 1st Aug 2013, But When my wife travelled later she got the I-94 as the Visa expiry date i.e 4th June, 2011. If so, can we apply for my wife’s I-94 extension based on my I-94 ? If not, Could you please suggest us the feasible options.

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You can, but there might be a less expensive and quicker fix. You need to examine why she was admitted through the validity of her visa rather than through the validity of the underlying L petition - could be an expiring passport or could be government error. If it was an error made at the port-of-entry, then you can get this fixed through a Deferred Inspection.


You should probably retain the services of an Immigration attorney.

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