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Kicking someones head in, brain surgeries later causing seizures and schizophrenia, loss of a future job. Contingency Attorney?

Santa Rosa, CA |

My son has a 5 million dollar civil suit pending against another man who knocked him out and repeatedly kicked his head in after he was unconscious. Its all in the police report witnesses made statements about it, the defendant was audio recorded admitting to it. The case got put on hold because the defendant filed for bankruptcy. My son will successfully object and show that the attack was willful and malicious at his bankruptcy trial which is this month.
My son is looking for an attorney to take the case solely on contingency. The defendant had enough money to hire a criminal defense attorney who usually charges 100k+ to go to trial.
My son graduated from SSU and was on his way to become an attorney.
Any advice on seeking a new attorney? Multiple attorneys?

The civil is already filed, The former attorney who filed the civil suit put in his withdrawal and it was granted. He practices out side of Walnut creek. He was trying to go off transcripts from the criminal trial and the bankruptcy judge actually questioned him wanting to go off of those transcripts. "Why?" " doesn't matter if they other guy gets hurt. It's self-defense. He had a right to kick the guy to make sure he stayed down.” A quote used by the defendant attorney at the criminal trial... The story in the police report is my son swung a punch at the defendants friend and missed. then the defendant defended his friend a fight started, the defendant knocked my son out with his right fist, kicked his head in when he was on the ground.

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Do a search here for personal injury attorney in Santa Rosa. I'm sure you will find several attorneys willing to take the case. Clearly, one of the main obstacles will be dealing with the bankruptcy issue, so you will be best-served finding a PI attorney who is experienced dealing with BK issues. Best of luck.


Avvo has a wonderful "find a lawyer" search tool to locate a personal injury lawyer in your city. Good luck.


Utilize the find a lawyer tool to locate a lawyer in your son's area who is qualified in the necessary areas of legal practice. Start your search today so that you are on the telephone on Monday! Good luck to you and your son.

No information provided in response to these questions can be relied upon in any way without further personally consulting with Attorney Kerrigan and Attorney Kerrigan consulting personally with you regarding your specific legal situation.


Have has a lawyer finder tool, and you can evaluate a laundry list of attorneys


Keep trying. Good luck.

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