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K3 Questions

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I was awarded a K3 through marriage, good through July. My husband became abusive. I am now outside the US. Can I enter on the K3 and apply for VAWA? What if my husband filed for divorce without my knowledge.

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If your visa is still valid for multiple entries, you may be able to enter the US. You have to document your abuse, get police report, affidavits, medical and psychiatric records. Consult with an experienced attorney.

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If you have a valid visa, you may reenter with it.

You may file for VAWA from there as well if you wish, divorce is not a bar to filing.

You are welcome to use the link provided below.



Yes. You may enter the U.S. since you have a valid K3 visa, but do so as soon as possible. It does not matter if your husband filed for a divorce. Once you are in the U.S., use an experienced immigration lawyer to prepare the VAWA Petition.

If you need more information on how to proceed, please contact our immigration law firm for a consultation.

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