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Juvenile detention weekends. it is making me metal unstable can a doctor help me to not have to go?

Waynesburg, PA |

i have thought about suicide and just have been the same from going there.

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You should immediately let your parents know of your concerns. Next you or your parents should contact the attorney who represented you in court and ask him to bring the case back to the court to see if an alternative can be worked out. Next, your parents or the attorney should contact your probation officer to let him or her know the difficulties that you are experiencing. Lastly, you should have a psychiatric evaluation to help determine the root of your problems. Good luck to you.


I'm in basic agreement with Mr. Keller's response, but want to suggest a slightly different order of approach. If you in fact believe that the weekends in detention are adversely impacting your mental health, I recommend bringing this to your parents' attention if that is an option or to the juvenile authorities if it is not. You need to be examined by a mental health professional to determine what impact is involved and what response may be helpful from a mental health perspective. If there is no medical solution to the problem then I would recommend involvement of counsel to bring the matter to the attention of the judge. If that step is taken first without medical substantiation, I would expect the court to discount your statements as an effort to avoid the remedy previously imposed. If you or your parents had come to me in this set of circumstances my advice would be the same-you need a medical evaluation and recommendation on a reasonable response.


I suggest letting your family know immediately of what is going on. Then get yourself a lawyer to bring the case back in front of the judge. You might need an evaluation to show the judge that this in fact is happening. I am sure they can work something out for you.

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