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Juvenile assault with a deadly weapon

West Palm Beach, FL |

my 16 yr old daughter was arrested for 2 counts of assualt with a deadly weapon for threatening two girls at school with a knife. i am searching for a lawyer but i am curiious what kind of punishment she may be facing. she has never been arrested but does have a history of fighting at school. this happen in palm beach, fl.

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As a juvenile she is facing a possible commitment to a program. There is a remote possibility that the state attorney could move to direct file, meaning she would be treated as an adult, but that would be extraordinary anywhere but here in the fourth circuit.

Programs are of four categories, each with a different level of security. With the history of fighting and the use of the knife, they may offer her a moderate risk program which could last 6-9 months or a low risk, which would be more like a half-way house or outward bound trip - it really depends on the types of programs available in your circuit. You could check the department of juvenile justice website for some information.

While that may be the offer, you should get an attorney and evaluate the case for a possible trial. Even if she loses, the punishment wouldn't likely be any worse and she could win, sparing her the felony conviction. If she lost at trial, she would get a comprehensive evaluation with a recommendation and perhaps some treatment for any issues identified.

A good juvenile lawyer would try to fashion deal with the state that might be for a misdemeanor charge, some anger management, probation, or something similar, or the possibility of the trial.

High school, especially these days, can be very hard and even traumatic for some kids. She needs all the help she can get. So get a lawyer who knows the juvenile courts and work to get her a good resolution that includes any treatment she may find helpful. Good luck to you both.


History of fighting is not good - you may want to consult a lawyer who is certified as an expert in criminal trial law by the Florida Bar.

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