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Just recently lated off from my job - How do I modify my child support order ?

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Divorced in 2010 - - Rayed off from my job last Friday 2 / 8 / 13 - - The majority of my unemployment checks will pay my current court order child support only leaving me very little to survive ! ! Please help ! !

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The Attorney General can do a child support review every three years. If they have not done a review since your divorce, then it would be that time. Call them and tell them you need the review because you have been laid off work. Another option is to hire an attorney to to modify the child support to a lower amount since you have lost your job. Generally, a private attorney can get this done much quicker and with less hassle, but it will cost you money.



Thank You Mysti for responding so quickly and the helpful info. Have a great day!


Ms. Murphy gave you the perfect answer to your question. If you are interested in hiring an attorney, give our firm a call; otherwise, good luck to you and God bless you!


You can go through the Attorney General's Office and request a review and modification, but this will take time. A private attorney can handle it much faster. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss this further.

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