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Just received a letter stating that my soon to be ex husbands lawyer is not representing him..we have a court date what now

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It's the weekend and want to put my mind at ease

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You should consult with a local attorney with experience in this area of the law. Basically, it sounds like your husband is moving forward unrepresented.

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You may never know why your husband's attorney is no longer representing him. There may have been a conflict of interest that was not discovered at the start of representation, or maybe your husband has not paid his bill and continuing the case would be a financial burden on the attorney. Unlike a criminal defendant, parties in a civil case (like a divorce) have no right to be represented by an attorney. Your husband may have decided that this attorney is not a good fit for him, and he wants to hire someone else. If he does, you (if you are unrepresented) or your attorney will receive a letter of representation from the new attorney.

I encourage you to consult with an attorney if you are unrepresented. Divorce is a complex issue and you want someone to advocate for you and protect your interests.


Once an attorney has entered his appearance, he must ask the court to grant him leave to withdraw as counsel, at which point you're free to object based, for instance, on the fact that the trial date is next week and it has already been continued several times before.