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Just got my first speeding ticket. I was doing 53 in a 35 and recieved a 4 point ticket. Im going to court what shoud I do?!

Mount Pleasant, SC |

I have a restricted license, due to me being 16, and recieved the four point (185$) ticket for speeding. I was speeding in a construction zone where the limit is normally 50, but at this time 35, and was pressured by the other cars speeding past me. It was pitch black dark (small beach town road) also. I was also past my driving curfew, though I never recieved any additional ticket nor did the cop mention I was past it.

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Each State has special laws that deal with young drivers. You should contact a traffic attorney in your area. Look on Avvo lawyer referral and you should be able to find an attoney that can help you.


You should ask for a jury trial, get it continued, then hire a local lawyer to work the ticket out with the municipal solicitor they assign to your ticket.


Any South Carolina speeding ticket that a young driver receives is probably going to increase your parents insurance rates so it is very important that you drive safely and within the speed limit. Your parents should retain a local attorney to assist you and work with the officer or prosecutor for a reduction of some type to lessen the impact of this violation. You do not want a 4 point ticket on your record.

This answer is for general advice. It is not legal advice and does not create an attorney client relationship. For legal advice you have to retain your own attorney.


You should hire a local attorney who handles traffic violations. You were most likely tagged by radar are there are many defenses available . As a former traffic officer I can tell you it is very unlikely you would be given any consideration for feeling pressured by other vehicles. If it was that dark and the roadway was congested, my first question would be how can the officer identify your car as the target vehicle with any certainty.

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