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Just got a ticket, and wondering how it is regulated for parking on the street within a same block?

Pasadena, CA |

It is a street of 2hr parking limit. I parked my car firstly in the morning at 9:30am around, and then left for LAX to pick up my friend. It was 4:30pm already when I parked it back on the same street. As it was said on the ticket, my car was marked at 9:40am and was cited at 4:44pm and the time elapsed was 7h and 2min. Is this the way how a parking officer is working: come back 7hs later after the car was marked? If so, he must be an undutiful officer. If not, he must have not found my car on his returns between. Whatever if this is the way how the parking enforcement is working, it is anti-logic and anti-common sense. No wonder they are called the money collection agency.

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Is there a posted sign? If so go back and read the smjall print. Sometimes they also state can only park once per day. If it does not have that limit then I would fight the ticket. You probably want to bring some sort of proof your left or have a witness testify to that on your behalf.


The parking ticket should provide you with details of how to appeal. Get your evidence in order, a statement from your friend and present it to the parking authority. Good luck.

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