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Just got a summons personal service on natural person

Tampa, FL |

what does it mean? it has no court date . can they kick me out of my anytime ? i'm behind on my payments and i'm in foreclosure.

I know that the papers are from my bank and that i'm being sued.the paper said i have 30 days to write a response if i want the court to hear my case. i just want to know if i write this or not can they kick me out anytime. i'm called a lawyer waiting for her to call me back.also what do i write?

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You should contact an attorney for a short consultation to explain the documents to you. You are not guaranteed a hearing date when you are sued. Your failure to respond to the lawsuit could result in default and judgment against you without ever setting foot in court. Do not assume the lawsuit is regarding your foreclosure. It could be another creditor suing you. Have you considered bankruptcy? It may be an option depending on your situation.

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please answer additional information i just put.

Dennis Andrew Chen

Dennis Andrew Chen


It is difficult to give a more detailed response without reviewing the documents. Normally you have 20 days to respond to a summons and complaint so it is odd that the documents give you 30 days.



well thank u anyway i'm going to see a lawyer.


It sounds like you have been sued. A lawsuit is commenced by a party filing and serving a summons and complaint. A summons and complaint will not necesarily contain a court date. I suggest that you show the document to a lawyer. You might be able to show it to a lawyer without retaining him or her. If you need to retain a lawyer but can't afford to finance a full blown litigation, perhaps you can engage a lawyer for specific tasks. Again, to start, have a lawyer explain the document to you. You may have limited time to respond to the summons and complaint before the opposing side takes steps to obtain a default judgment against you.

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AS far as staying in your house, even if you did nothing, you would still have months. However, I do not recommend this course. You need to get a response out within the timeframe provided. If you do not do so, then you can waive all sorts of rights. There are many attorneys who will provide free consultations in this area of law. I would recommend that you speak to one immediately.
Gavin Tudor Elliot, Esq.
407 412 9223

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