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Jurisdiction - ESSEX County NJ - filing malicious prosecution

Edison, NJ |

If a case is dismissed against you in the municipal court stemming from a criminal case - Newark NJ, where do you file malicious prosecution against the other party? Special Civil court? or does it need to be in the same court it was dismissed from?
Are there any rules/statues I should be aware of before filing? The amount is for a little over $3,000.

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The criminal charges of false information or false report can be filed in the same town. Or you can sue for damages in special civil part in the County. I assume this was a civilian complaint. It is very difficult to bring such charges against the police.



Yes, it's against a civilian for making a false police report, that brought criminal charges. No other steps needed after the case is dismissed? You would just file the special civil case? I wouldn't want to miss any steps! Thanks!

Mark M Cheser

Mark M Cheser


I cannot tell you what to do without much more information. I can say a false police report that generated criminal charges can be acted on criminally or civilly. There are many steps to take if you decide on either or both actions..

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