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Judgement on a credit card bill

Charlotte, NC |

i owe 14,000 on two credit card. I picked up the summons and called the lawyer.The lawyer did not agree with my pament amount and told me that i would be sent papers to appear before the judge.I didnt do any thing and waited for the judge papers and instead, i got papers that the clerk of court ruled agaist me for judgement for the credit cards. I called the lawyer back and they said i didnt respond in writting to the court so they ruled agaist me. I said I never got any papers to go to court like you said. She said well you didnt read the summons you were to write something back. she is talking about if I dont pay 125.00 (not employed) she will put a lein on my house. I have some old cars not worth much. And a bankrupt lawyer wants me to file bankrupcy. I live in (NC) what can i do???

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It sounds like the bankruptcy lawyer is giving you some good advice. Bankruptcy would clear up the judgment and any other financial issues you might have. It really is not worth fighting the judgment as you probably owe the money and it would be expensive to fight.

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It sounds like "sewer service". You need to get a look at the court's file and see whether the process server perjured himself or herself when he or she swore you were served with papers. If there was sewer service, you need a lawyer to get the judgment vacated. If there was indeed sewer service then even if the other side has a good case there's a good chance the judge will be angered and find a reason to toss it.


You picked up the summons and did not file an Answer. They got a default judgment. There is no court date unless you file the Answer.