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Judge ruling with abusive husband due to friendship with said husband.

Ridgway, PA |

Husband was verbally (still is), physically & sexually abusive. Has had a mistress for over five years & her child is rumored to be his. Three children: male 21; female 17; female 14. He denies everything & two oldest support him; not because they believe him but because he has convinced them their mother deserved everything she got. He signs the son's paychecks & buys the daughter anything she wants. He has even gone so far as to offer her money to hurt her mother. The youngest is terrified of her father. She will visit or go out to dinner with him but not alone. Refuses to sleep over at his house. Today a judge ruled she MUST spend every other weekend with him. She is scared to death. Judge rumored can be bought. Father known to pay for favors. Judge & father are friends.

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These are not matters which should be discussed on this very public internet forum. If you have an attorney, direct your concerns to him/her. If you do not have an attorney, then please consult with an experienced family law attorney in your area.

Be sure to click Best Answer if you found this helpful. Disclaimer: Please note that this response does not in any way an attorney-client relationship between Kathryn L. Hilbush and the recipient. My responses are general in nature. They do not constitute legal advice. You are advised to consult an attorney regarding this and any other legal matters.


Attorney Hilbush is absolutely correct. You need to discuss this matter with an experienced family law attorney. I would add that in small towns, you can expect that all of the attorneys and judges will know each other and sometime socialize, Also, the judge and the father may know each other, but that does not, in enough of itself, mean that there is a bias or that the judge cannot render an impartial decision. This is a common misperception. Again, you should speak to an attorney to determine whether there is truly an issue.

My response is based solely on the limited information contained in the question. It is not meant to substitute your attorney's advice.

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