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Judge ignores lack of jurisdiction, enforcing an order which is void ab initio AND neglects to prove jurisdiction.

Montgomeryville, PA |

Is it true that a question of jurisdiction MUST be addressed by the Court. In my case the judge has IGNORED the jurisdictional question. He is enforcing a void order(3), based on a void order(2), based on a void order(1). The prior judge who issued the nested void orders has additionally refused to permit the Appeal to Superior court of the first void order(1). The Appeal had been filed concurrent with a Petition In Forma Pauperis which is waiting her signature before the Prothonotary will send to Superior Court. The prior judge had issued the initial order with very clear intent to leave me homeless and destitute and unable to present or pay for an Appeal.

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jurisdiction MUST be addressed



Is that a subject best left for the Appeal? or is it advised that I request the applicable Rule of Law and gently point out his neglect?

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