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Jst found out that a warrent for unpaid restitution fees from a case that started in mid 07, how do i fix this?

Peoria, IL |

On and off case since then, my judge has given me community service hours and probation. Both have been served as of 2009. DA keeps saying she just wants the fees paid, but have no income; yet I'm constantly brung in material to show I'm looking for a job. I'm 7 months pregnant, haven't been in trouble since then, and have only missed court once. All this originally started in Waukegan with a theft case brought against me by a family member. It was ruled that i wasn't to see him and i had to pay him. The laywer that i was appointed was recently made aware that i had found an organization that would employ me as well as help me get back in school. I don't see how if he and the judge just talked about my case, how a warrent popper up. Any suggestions?

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If the DA keeps saying she just wants the fees paid to end the case, then do it.


Warrant would issue if you missed a court date


Most prosecutors could not care less about fines. Restitution is reparation to a victim and is different if you owe restitution pay it fines can always be resolved

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